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The sites below are reachable only via IPv6 - they have no IPv4 DNS Record at the time they were added.

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Other IPv6 Resources


Since Google is not indexing IPv6-only sites yet I thought it would be good to have a place to list them all.


This isn't a link farm. Efforts at listing spam sites will not be tolerated.

Looks Old School

Indeed. I will add keyword searching and an atom feed soon.

Google search available over IPv6
Site with IPv6 Testing tools
Facebook over IPv6 - Like it.
An IPv6 only Pastebin
·中青论坛·建议使用ie9.0浏览器·备案序号: 中青ICP备00000001号·
Jeffrey van den Broek. 23 year old male. Single. Living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. IT employee in the Dutch work and income sector. Apple Certified Support Professional 10.6.
Portal site popular in Poland
Share your life easily with friends, family and fans.
Juniper isn't just another networking company, following the pack and trying to keep up with the changes in technology. We're architecting the new network.
IPv6 General web directory with manual review of submitted links in an effort to build a clean links collection.
Informatie en diensten van de overheid
Html5 game
Biggest Portal about news, sports, videos, music, fashion, blog, chat, economy in Brazil
Personal home page
Searching binary Stuff from usenet and some more stuff to access usenet from web
IPv6-only test site. Requires IPv6 DNS resolver and IPv6 client to access. Has test keywords to see if/when Google starts crawling IPv6-only sites.
CDLT IPv6 Gallery es un sitio web destinado a albergar tus fotografias en forma gratuita y sin perder ningun derecho de autor al alojarlas en el mismo. El sitio web provee acceso tanto a través de IPv6 only desde y
Simple web log about tpis and tricks getting your ipv4 stuff ready for ipv6.
Personal site of Mark Eccleston
Blog about IT Security
Regional Internet Registry for North America
IPv6 test site for Worldcom Costa Rica
It's a site for IPv6 reachability test. It shows your IPv6 address.
Personal site
IPv6 version of well known Dutch newspaper
Be coolest geek on the planet and get your smart IPv6 T-Shirt. Tell us your IPv6 address and it will be printed on your shirt - All exclusively on IPv6!
Business VoIP Service, Telecommunications and Networking Company emphasizing IPv6 deployments.
Internet Provider
Personal NAS
Internet Provider
Internet service provider
IPv6 speed test
Website to test your IPv6 connection on, service portal
an ipv6 'whats my ip' that's cURL'able
IPv6 Address Display and Browser used
Strimbler Social Network available over IPv6
just my blog
IPv6 Experimental Website.
Site with the aim of encouraging IPv6 use
Traceroute4, traceroute6, ping, ping6, whois, ...
We are a not for profit Anti-Censorship site, with Up to date Proxies to over 48 Torrent sites. We also have tutorials on setting up Linux & Windows for Encryption and we provide VPN Access to Sites like Thepiratebay, Extratorrrents, Yify, Eztv, Kickass, Movie4k Etc..
Hospedagem IPV6 Brasil, Brazilian Best Datacenter IPV6 Ready
Site to enforce IPv6 transition
Keytrade Bank official IPv6 website. Banking, trading & insurances.
Personal blog Jos van der Woude about art, cinema, history, photography, technology and travel
Hobby website based on Drupal. IPv6 accessible only
Islamic ICT service provider in Malaysia
This site is only reachable via IPv6
Demo site.
Personal website, only reachable via IPv6
IPv6 Version of Teddy Engineering GmbH
Keytrade Bank Belgium IPv6 only website
This site is only reachable via IPv6
Russian bittorrent tracker
news aggregator
This website is a webpage to control the router Openwrt
My private weblog
Display your public hostname and IP
IPv4 Free Website Movement
The diary of Redruler - for people with second thoughts.
IPv6 infosite - Completely IPv6-only, including name servers and everything.
Website loads only on Ipv6

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